Testimonials of Proven Results

  • Case 11: Hip Replacement and Knee Problems

Case 11: Hip Replacement and Knee Problems

Name: Helen Crochet
The October Health and Success Seminar featured a very special testimonial from TVE’s oldest student, Ms. Helen Crochet.
From walker to walking just after one month of practicing TVE’s Qi Gong Tai Chi
Helen is 89 years old and has suffered various bone breaks [...]

  • Case 10: Type 1 Diabetes

Case 10: Type 1 Diabetes

Name: Amir Fath
Amir Fath, 31, gave us an astounding account of his battle with Type I Diabetes in our April Seminar. Before being diagnosed, Mr. Fath was very physically active and enjoyed sports. He explains, "During the course of the time that I was diagnosed, [...]

  • Case 9: Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Case 9: Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Name: Glenn Chicoine
Mr. Chicoine, 59, a teacher at Eastfield College, shared his testimony about how his condition of 25 years, Raynaud’s phenomenon, has improved with TVE. Mr. Chicoine explained Raynaud’s phenomenon as "an overreaction to the cold, any kind of cold…in the peripheral blood [...]

  • Case 8: Numbness

Case 8: Numbness

Name: Yen Tran
Dr. Tran and Yen have been married for twelve years.  Dr. Tran did some teaching/practicing at home, so she started practicing 15 years ago off and on in class and at home. Even though she was practicing at home, Yen feels that the [...]

  • Case 7: Lack of Strength

Case 7: Lack of Strength

Name: Robert Sanford
Robert likes to stay active, but sometime his back would hamper his activities.  His condition was not quite bad enough for medication, but was bad enough to cause him to seek relief.After starting the TVE Tai-Chi program, he discovered he had an overall improvement in [...]

  • Case 6: High Cholesterol

Case 6: High Cholesterol

Name: Maryann Eck

My doctor says that a 400lb man has lower cholesterol than I do. He says it is genetic and I will never have cholesterol less than 200."
Maryann Eck sought help from her doctor, and despite this diagnosis, she decided to do whatever [...]

  • Case 5: Acute Back Pain

Case 5: Acute Back Pain

Name: Donna Hebert
Donna got real, lasting results after attending 3 TVE classes; something that 5 years of chiropractic therapy could not do.
Donna said, "I went to a chiropractor for 5 years for pain in my neck, my thoracic area, and my lumbar."
She [...]

  • Case 4: Muscle Cramps

Case 4: Muscle Cramps

Reva Wilkinson was also interviewed by Dr. Tiep Truong at the August 2013 TVE seminar. She injured her back in an accident about 30 years ago. At the time, her doctor told her that she would never walk again. Reva spent fifteen days in traction. However, she was determined [...]

  • Case 3: Chronic Back Pain

Case 3: Chronic Back Pain

Name: Liz Fletcher Health Issues: Chronic Back Pain
Liz Fletcher sat down with Instructor Carranza in August 2013 to talk about the tremendous progress she has made toward eliminating long-term back pain. Describing how she started with Tran Vitality Essentials, she said, "I [...]