Name: Glenn Chicoine

Mr. Chicoine, 59, a teacher at Eastfield College, shared his testimony about how his condition of 25 years, Raynaud’s phenomenon, has improved with TVE. Mr. Chicoine explained Raynaud’s phenomenon as "an overreaction to the cold, any kind of cold…in the peripheral blood vessels." It would often cause "an unusual blanching… [his] fingers and toes would turn white and blue." He further explained that "my time in cold [was] limited, even crippled and I was in danger of further disease arising." As a student of TVE for three and a half years, Mr. Chicoine explained how Dr. Tran "[kept] working on bringing greater and greater circulation and chi into [Mr. Chicoine's] fingers and toes."

As a result his "reaction to the cold…is shorter…" He added, "in fact I’ve worked out in the cold bare foot and sometimes my feet stay pink. I do have to say I don’t take medicine for the Raynaud’s so any improvement is attributable to the Tai Chi." Mr. Chicoine continues to enjoy Qi-Gong Tai Chi class with TVE every week and looks forward to furthering his benefits.