TVE Qi-Gong Tai Chi

The Qi Gong Tai Chi Wellness is a light-impact program perfect for the middle-aged and elderly students who may have limited range of motions and endurance due to existing illnesses or injuries. Designed to improve balance, coordination, energy, and neuromuscular health. This program introduces proper breathing exercises, soft body motion, isometric muscle strengthening, and relaxation by meditation.

See Proven Results from Our Students’ Testimonials

  • Case 11: Hip Replacement and Knee Problems

Case 11: Hip Replacement and Knee Problems

Name: Helen Crochet
The October Health and Success Seminar featured a very special testimonial from TVE’s oldest student, Ms. Helen Crochet.
From walker to walking just after one month [...]

  • Case 8: Numbness

Case 8: Numbness

Name: Yen Tran
Dr. Tran and Yen have been married for twelve years.  Dr. Tran did some teaching/practicing at home, so she started practicing 15 years ago [...]

  • Case 7: Lack of Strength

Case 7: Lack of Strength

Name: Robert Sanford
Robert likes to stay active, but sometime his back would hamper his activities.  His condition was not quite bad enough for medication, but was bad enough [...]

  • Case 5: Acute Back Pain

Case 5: Acute Back Pain

Name: Donna Hebert
Donna got real, lasting results after attending 3 TVE classes; something that 5 years of chiropractic therapy could not do.
Donna said, "I went [...]

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