TVE Qi-Gong Kung Fu for Teens & Adults

Interested in learning the beautiful art of jungle animal Kung Fu and energy cultivation of Qi Gong, then you should consider TVE’s Qi-Gong Kung Fu Adult class. In this high intensity class, students will gain great benefits both quickly and long-term. Learning beautiful forms that teach grace, strength, and speed built on the Kung Fu foundations of the animal styles, students of all ages come to learn this exciting and powerful class.

Qi Gong Kung Fu: a great class for all ages

In our Qi Gong Kung Class, many students find what they’re looking for. Whether you are a teenager, young adult, adult, or an individual with an injury (or disorders?), this class is well suited to help you.

Teenagers and Young Adults


Most students in this category find learning the animal styles an exciting experience. Seeing themselves grow and mature physically and mentally is very satisfying to those looking to learn the art of Kung Fu. From building strong foundations in stances such as the horse stance, cat stance, and snake stance to integrating their motions into beautiful forms utilizing animal strikes such as tiger or crane. Designed to challenge every part of the body, Qi Gong Kung Fu will help reflexes, coordination, focus, and endurance.



When considering our Qi Gong Kung Fu class, adults usually are concerned with energy, weight, and injury. Despite the initial trepidation about a high-intensity class, adults find this class challenging yet well within their ability. Qi Gong helps adults rejuvenate and even increase energy for a better feeling and more active you.

As a high-intensity class, this program will help loss weight while increasing flexibility and endurance, which are great for reducing risk of injury in life. Many parents who involve their children into our class soon find the benefits for themselves. Qi Gong Kung Fu is a great stress reliever that will focus your energy, mind and body.


Have an injury, new or old? Qi Gong Kung Fu can still help. Many adults are concerned with injuries or stiffness they have in different parts of the body such as the back or knees. With Qi Gong, our program is able to help them regain mobility, strength, and confidence. As you will see in the class schedule, the first thing class consists of is warm-up where we limber up and stretch readying muscles and joints for mobility. Next are Qi Gong inner strengths that utilize our body for circulation, breathing, and increasing energy.

In addition, we always take into consideration the current limits of certain students and curtail their practice to better suit their situation. It is our goal to help the student so that they will see improvement, helping reduce or completely remove pain. And if at any time a student feels discomfort, we will give them other techniques to help their discomfort which they can take home and practice to further help them. If you have any concerns, please feel free to let us know and how we may accommodate your situation.

Teaching Method and Belt System

Whether you are new to martial arts or have some previous experience in others styles, all students start off from the beginning with one-on-one instruction taught by one of the trained Qi Gong Kung Fu instructors. This allows for students to quickly build a strong foundation for which their future progress can refer to. New students find this especially helpful as it allows them to become better acquainted with class flow. As the student progress, he or she will become integrated into the class among other students, learning the comradely and sense of energy within the group while still being instructed individually according to his or her ability.

In the Qi Gong Kung Fu program, students will learn new techniques as they progress level by level. TVE’s belt system starts students off with a black belt. Each belt holds within it five separate levels. As the student advances to the next level, he or she will learn new, more challenging techniques such as new punches, kicks, forms, and mutual fights. Further in training after achieving blue belt, students over 16 years of age will be eligible to inquire about our Professional Instructor Training Program for Qi Gong Kung Fu Children or Teen and Adult Class.