TVE Qi-Gong Kung Fu for Children


Challenging and fun, our Qi-Gong Kung Fu Children program is ideal for children ages 5-12. They will love learning the Qi Gong Kung Fu animal rolls, forms, and punches, while parents will appreciates the structured discipline and character building system that encourages leadership, self discipline, patience, and honesty in their children. Our students are known to improve school grades as their ability to focus increases. They develop a sense of pride as they gain special skills and self conduct with respect and care all things.

For the Children

In this program, children will enjoy learning fun and exciting animal forms and moves. Each class begins with proper stretching to maintain their flexibility and promotes healthy growth. Unique Qi Gong Internal Strength session developes good immunity and concentration. Kung Fu punches, kicks, rolls, and animal forms are included in this safe, fun, and healthy program for the children to enjoy while gaining amazing balance and coordination. As the s level, they get to apply everything they’ve learned in a level test and advances to the next level that is even more challenging and exciting. TVE provide a special environment for children to grow and interact socially with utmost respect, courtesy and care others and themselves.

Teaching Method and Belt System

All beginning students are taught one-on-one with an instructor. New students are given individual attention as they are introduces to the basic flow of the class or until they feel comfortable enough to join the group without feeling lost. Although practicing in group and following the class routine, each student progresses at their own pace set by the instructor. The Qi Gong Kung Fu Children program has five levels per belt. New students start on Grey Belt and will move up a level each time they test. The program is designed to challenge and excites the student with new form and techniques that are building upon skills obtained from their previous level.