The TVE Qi-Gong Tai-Chi Health and Wellness Program is a light-impact program perfect for young adults, middle-aged adults and elderly students who may have limited range of motion and endurance due to existing illnesses or injuries. Designed to improve balance, coordination, energy, and neuromuscular health, this program introduces proper breathing exercises, soft body motion, isometric muscle strengthening, and relaxation by meditation. Learn more about Qi-Gong Tai-Chi »
Are you interested in learning the beautiful art of jungle animal Kung-Fu while developing the energy of Qi-Gong? Experience the art of body strengthening when you join TVE’s Qi-Gong Kung-Fu Adult classes. In these high intensity classes built on the Kung-Fu foundation of the animal styles, students will learn beautiful forms that teach grace, strength, and speed. Teen and adult students who train in this exciting and powerful class quickly gain long-lasting benefits. Learn more about Qi-Gong Kung-Fu for Adult »
Challenging and fun, our Qi-Gong Kung-Fu Children’s program is ideal for children ages 5-12. They will love learning the TVE Qi-Gong Kung-Fu animal rolls, forms, and punches, while parents appreciate the structured discipline and character building incorporated into these classes. The TVE Qi-Gong Kung-Fu Children’s Program encourages leadership, self discipline, patience, and honesty in the children enrolled in this program, and our students are known to improve school grades as their ability to focus increases. These children develop a sense of pride and accomplishment as they gain special skills, good conduct, and respect. Learn more about Qi-Gong Kung-Fu for Children »