Name: Amir Fath

Amir Fath, 31, gave us an astounding account of his battle with Type I Diabetes in our April Seminar. Before being diagnosed, Mr. Fath was very physically active and enjoyed sports. He explains, "During the course of the time that I was diagnosed, having diabetes has really taken its toll on my energy level and my overall health. Not having energy to do the things I wanted to do like playing sports and being an active person really affected the quality of my life a lot." He added, "My appearance before I started this program…was very, very pale. You don’t get the proper blood flow throughout your body. Your skin becomes a pale-ish, dull-ish color."

TVE’s Qi Gong Kung Fu helps reduce the amount of insulin by almost 50% for Type I Diabetes…also helps manage blood sugar better.

"Being a type 1 diabetic, I wear an insulin pump and the amount of insulin that I was taking before this program has gone down almost 50% ," Mr Fath continues, "I credit the program for helping manage my blood sugar better and as a result of that, my blood test since I’ve started this program have been the best they’ve ever been in 7 years since I’ve had the diabetes. My doctor is very impressed with the results."

As for his skin complexion, "I’ve noticed that since I’ve started this program — people that are close to me have noticed as well — that my skin has gotten more of a natural, darker complexion, a more healthy complexion. No doubt looking at the before and after pictures, I can tell myself."

With great satisfaction, Mr. Fath shares with us that "I started this program a year ago and over the course of a year my energy level has increased so much now… I have so much energy… I can do the things that I wanted to do before. …I credit the program for my success and recommend anybody who’s suffering from diabetes of any kind."