TVE’s 21st Anniversary Event

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Case 12: Work Related Back Pain

Name: David Ly
From hurting for years to feeling great in 45 days!
Watch his testimonial below.

Why Women Love Practicing with TVE

Many of the students who practice at Tran Vitality Essentials are women and, while these women differ from each other in many ways, one thing they share is their dedication to the TVE programs and lifestyle.  Tran Vitality Essentials provides women of all [...]

Case 11: Hip Replacement and Knee Problems

Name: Helen Crochet
The October Health and Success Seminar featured a very special testimonial from TVE’s oldest student, Ms. Helen Crochet.
From walker to walking just after one month of practicing TVE’s Qi Gong Tai Chi
Helen is 89 years old and has suffered various bone breaks [...]

Incorporating TVE into Modern Medicine

At the August seminar, several TVE students discussed a common source of trouble that many of us have experienced at least briefly in our lives, back pain. For many people, even minor back pain is enough that it interferes with their daily tasks such as driving or doing the [...]

What makes TVE Different from other Exercising Programs

Practicing TVE is not like any other exercise experience, because it is more than just another exercise program. While many exercise programs focus only on improving the physical aspects of the human body or obtaining a specific goal such as losing weight, building muscle, or strengthening the body, [...]

Case 10: Type 1 Diabetes

Name: Amir Fath
Amir Fath, 31, gave us an astounding account of his battle with Type I Diabetes in our April Seminar. Before being diagnosed, Mr. Fath was very physically active and enjoyed sports. He explains, "During the course of the time that I was diagnosed, [...]

Case 9: Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Name: Glenn Chicoine
Mr. Chicoine, 59, a teacher at Eastfield College, shared his testimony about how his condition of 25 years, Raynaud’s phenomenon, has improved with TVE. Mr. Chicoine explained Raynaud’s phenomenon as "an overreaction to the cold, any kind of cold…in the peripheral blood [...]

Case 8: Numbness

Name: Yen Tran
Dr. Tran and Yen have been married for twelve years.  Dr. Tran did some teaching/practicing at home, so she started practicing 15 years ago off and on in class and at home. Even though she was practicing at home, Yen feels that the [...]

Case 7: Lack of Strength

Name: Robert Sanford
Robert likes to stay active, but sometime his back would hamper his activities.  His condition was not quite bad enough for medication, but was bad enough to cause him to seek relief.After starting the TVE Tai-Chi program, he discovered he had an overall improvement in [...]