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TVE, short for Tran Vitality Essentials, was founded by Qi-gong Master Dr. Anh Tran in February 1993 in Dallas, Texas.

What is the TVE System?

The TVE System: from simple to comprehensive, easy to complicate, low to high intensity, is a complete training program which adapt effectively to most of health condition and to all groups of age and gender.

Everyone can do it: The TVE system offers safe programs, easy to learn, joyful to practice, and with quick results. Take the virtual tour.

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TVE Headquarter

TVE Headquarter is the main center and only place that offers all the programs in the TVE system including internal healing, natural retreat, self-healing, lectures, workshops, classes, professional instructor training, and after school programs. The headquarter is also where our TVE Licensed Instructors, who teach at TVE Schools and Branches everywhere, graduated from. Click here to see our class schedule for more details.

TVE Headquarters is conducted directly by the TVE Founder Dr. Anh Tran.

About TVE Founder Dr. Anh Tran

For centuries, Qi-Gong /Kung Fu/ Tai Chi have been documented and widely prescribed for health promoting and healing. Dr. Anh Tran, with extensive knowledge and practice of both the art and sciences, created the Tran Vitality Essentials for achieving health, peace, and happiness.