TVE Qi Gong Tai Chi

TVE Qi-Gong Tai Chi

This is a light-impact program perfect for the middle-aged and elderly students who may have limited range of motions and endurance due to existing illnesses or injuries.


TVE Qi-Gong Kung Fu for Adults

As a high-intensity class, this program will help loss weight while increasing flexibility and endurance, which are great for reducing risk of injury in life.


TVE Qi-Gong Kung Fu for Children

Challenging and fun, our Qi Gong Kung Fu Children program is ideal for children ages 5-12.

TVE System

The TVE was founded by Qigong Master Dr. Anh Tran in February 1993 in Dallas, Texas. The TVE System: from simple to comprehensive, easy to complicate, low to high intensity, complete separate training programs which adapt effectively to most of health condition and to all groups of age and gender.

Everyone can do it: The TVE system offers safe programs, easy to learn, joyful to practice, and with quick, proven results.

TVE Anniversary Performance

Why Choose TVE

  • Naturally and effectively increase energy level
  • Relieve the stress of daily living
  • Heal, reduce, and prevent chronic illnesses
  • Improve overall health
  • Body healing and conditioning through the fine arts of Qi Gong
  • Earn income while getting healthy

Latest Testimonials

  • Case 11: Hip Replacement and Knee Problems

Case 11: Hip Replacement and Knee Problems

Name: Helen Crochet
The October Health and Success Seminar featured a very special testimonial from TVE’s oldest student, Ms. Helen Crochet.
From walker to walking just after one month [...]

  • Case 10: Type 1 Diabetes

Case 10: Type 1 Diabetes

Name: Amir Fath
Amir Fath, 31, gave us an astounding account of his battle with Type I Diabetes in our April Seminar. Before being diagnosed, Mr. Fath was [...]

  • Case 9: Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Case 9: Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Name: Glenn Chicoine
Mr. Chicoine, 59, a teacher at Eastfield College, shared his testimony about how his condition of 25 years, Raynaud’s phenomenon, has improved with [...]